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Warranty Terms


If You selected a 12, 24, Month Optional Service Agreement (OSA) and You have paid Us the OSA charge, we agree with You as follows:

All terms and conditions stated in the AR1 Auto Parts Warranty Guidelines attached to Your original invoice apply to this OSA, subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. For 12, 24, month coverage, this OSA begins on the date of Your original invoice and shall end 12, 24, months after Your original invoice date and covers the repair or replacement of the part or Assembly described on Your original invoice.
  2. We have no obligations to anyone except to the customer named on the original invoice. This OSA is (a) nontransferable, and (b) non-refundable after the part or Assembly has been installed in a Vehicle.
  3. This OSA covers labor only to the extent described below in the definition of “Labor”.
  4. For this OSA to be valid, Your original paid invoice must indicate the coverage period of 12, 24, months.

At Our discretion, replacement parts used in covered repairs may include remanufactured, new, used, or nonoriginal equipment manufacturer/aftermarket parts that meet Our quality standards. Replacement part or Assembly mileage may be equal to or greater than that of the original part or Assembly purchased from Us.


The Warranty Guidelines attached to Your original invoice contains important terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that apply to this OSA. This OSA will immediately terminate upon the occurrence of any of the events described on the under the caption “All Warranties are Null and Void if:”

KEY TERMS (When used, Key Terms will appear in dark print) “You” and “Your” mean the Repairer/Parts Re-Seller (Customer) named on Your original AR1 invoice.

We”, “Us”, “AR1” and “Our” means TOP GEAR INTERPRICES. dba AR1 AUTO PARTS, 300 CHALMERS ST. YAKIMA WA 98901.

Assembly” applies to an engine (including only the cylinder block, cylinder heads and all internal lubricated parts) and/or the transmission (including only the case, torque converter and all internal lubricated parts) and/or front axle or rear axle (including housing, knuckles, axles, internal gears, electronic control unit and bearings) and/or transfer case (including internal components and internal electronics) and/or carrier assembly (including gear set, case with non-removable stub axles and flanges) purchased by You for resale and/or for installation in a Vehicle to be used for private passenger use.

Breakdown” means the failure of the part or Assembly described on Your original invoice due to a defect in material.

Repairer” means an independently owned and operated Licensed Repair Facility located in the United States.

Vehicle” means the car or light truck in which the part or Assembly was originally installed.

Labor” means AR1 AUTO PARTS will reimburse the Repairer up to $65.00 per hour, UP TO $650 for the repair of a part or Assembly covered by this OSA. These charges shall not exceed (a) 100% of the part price as indicated on Your original invoice, and (b) the applicable number of hours derived from labor allowances from nationally recognized labor time allowance manuals. Warranty Policy


This warranty applies to AR1 AUTO parts only. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the part and it is still installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased. This warranty is non-transferable. If any defect is discovered during the warranty period, AR1 must be informed immediately. All claims must be accompanied with the original sales receipt and any other documentation reasonably requested by AR1 AUTO PARTS. Defects must be verified and all repairs must be authorized by AR1. All transportation costs are excluded for this warranty. AR1 reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part at its option. The repair, replacement or refund will satisfy all obligations of AR1 AUTO PARTS under this warranty. Any improper use or abuse (including but not limited to overheating, low or improper fluids and levels) neglect, careless handlings, damage done by improper installation, repairs, or removal of a part from the vehicle shall void this warranty. Melting of heat tabs installed by AR1 will be considered evidence of overheating, thus voiding the warranty. All labor costs including, but not limited to the cost of moving attached external parts from the purchaser’s old part to AR1’s part, seals, gaskets, fluids, and similar supplies are specifically excluded from this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, application, or use. The liability and obligation of AR1 AUTO PARTS under this warranty shall not exceed the price of the part as shown on the original invoice and shall not include any inconvenience, transportation, towing, downtime, loss of vehicle, direct or indirect consequential damage. Labor expenses coverage is for individuals who have purchased an extended warranty from AR1 AUTO PARTS only. Labor expenses will only be paid on motors, transmissions, transaxles, axle assemblies, differentials, and carrier assemblies. No action by AR1 AUTO PARTS under this warranty shall extend the original warranty period or alter its obligations. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Any cause of action arising from any warranty must be commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction in YAKIMA COUNTY WA.

Disclaimer: All warranties are subject to verification and approval by AR1 Auto Parts and their technical affiliates.  Reasonable accommodations for verifying claims on parts must be met per the request of AR1 Auto Parts.  These accommodations can include, but are not limited to: Inspections, proper shop diagnosis, proof of proper installation, reasonable maintenance requests or verification of issue by accredited auto repair facility.


  • Keep your invoice/recipient to verify warranty type and part # being claimed.
  • Warranty coverage is limited to defective internal parts and does not include accessories or bolt-on parts
  • Warranty coverage commences on Invoice date Warranties are non-transferable
  • Will only cover part purchased.
  • Claim to be made by original purchaser.
  • Covered parts include Engines, Transmissions, Trans Axle, Transfer Case, Axle Assembly, and Carrier/Differential Assembly.
  • Towing and fluids are not covered.
  • No rental coverage.
  • Customer is Liable for providing and executing any reasonable request to determine failure of product requested by AR1 Auto Parts and/or it is Warranty Company.
  • Customer MUST get Warranty approval prior to reimbursement for part, labor, or exchanging item


  • This is our 1 YEAR PART warranty coverage. It covers only the part, no labor associated with claims.
  • Covered parts include Engines, Transmissions, Trans Axle, Transfer Case, Axle Assembly, and Carrier/Differential Assembly, ALTERNATOR, STARTER ENGINE COMPONENTS ETC..
  • Claimant will be responsible for the labor to replace the warranted part.
  • Towing and fluids are not covered.
  • No rental coverage.

GOLD Warranty

  • One-year parts and labor warranty coverage.
  • AR1 AUTO PARTS will cover the part and labor, $65 an hour UP TO $600 based on All Data book time.
  • Towing and fluids are not covered.
  • No rental coverage.


    • 2-year parts and labor warranty coverage.
    • AR1 AUTO PARTS  will pay shop $65 and hour, UP TO $650 based on All Data book times.
    • Towing and fluids are not covered.
    • No rental coverage.

Extended Warranties

Parts & Labor
12 Months / 12K Mile
Parts & Labor
24 Months / 24K Mile
Parts & Labor
$2,000 or Under Part + $200 Part + $250 Part + $400
Over $2,000 Part + 10% Part + 15% Part + 20%